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No back injection needed I went to Carol after the orthopedist recommended an injection to deaden a nerve in my back that sends pain signals to the brain. I thought that I had no other option so I let him do a temporary injection. That did not do much at all, but I scheduled the permanent injection anyway. A week prior to the injection I saw Carol. On her first visit she explained where the pain was coming from AND gave me some relief ( but only after some pain from the massage itself). I cancelled the injection and After several months I am almost pain free and able to move much better. That injection would not have gotten to the real issue which appears to be muscular and myofasicial. I am so glad that I fpund Carol and soon be beginning yoga which should further improve my flexibility and strength for life. So glad that I did not go with the quick fix. I would just be out of lots of money and still having pain.
SUPERLATIVE AT HER CRAFT Carol Jenkin is a phenomenal therapeutic healer! After trying many different massage therapists my search is over. Carol blows them away by far. Her education and progressive learning make her unparalleled in her profession. Carol is by far the most caring and dedicated health-care provider I have ever met. Being misdiagnosed by an orthopedic doctor for knee pain led me to find Carol in an attempt to relieve the pain I was dealing with. Through her SET evaluations and work we discovered it was actually arthritis of my hip that was causing the pain. Carol's grasp of Structural Energetic Therapy (SET) has been vital in not only helping to pinpoint my diagnosis but has been invaluable in helping to improve my postural imbalance created by this. She has played a significant role in keeping me active playing basketball, coaching, and golf. Carol continually strives to help meet the needs of her clients on an individualized basis. The clients health and well-being always seem to be her top priority. Carol has been instrumental in not only relieving any aches, pains, and discomfort but has also been helpful in changing the way I view things such as diet, stretching, and how they relate to the body for each activity. Her knowledge of physiology and the body's inter-connectedness are profound. Carol has both met and exceeded my expectations as a physiologist and massage therapist.
Theresa R
Ahhh-mazing Carol did a great job. She was friendly and pleasant. I felt very relaxed and comfortable. Highly recommend!
Hank W
New Place Nice rooms neat sauna area. Great service from Carol.
Yuliya S
One of the best massages... I've ever had. It was exactly what I asked for, and more. Sharon was professional, knew what she was doing, and made sure I had the best experience possible. I would absolutely recommend this place for anyone looking to de-stress and gets knots and kinks worked out.
Hank W
Great results Dr. said I need new parts. Carol has me walking and with no pain. Thanks and see you in 2 weeks. Hank
health at 76 I still try to keep our property in good condition,but it got more and more difficult.Carol was able to remove all the pain that kept me from doing my tasks .In over 60 yrars she is the best that I have found.
New Review 3  Simply, The best deep tissue therapeutic massage I have ever received.
Susan from Milford, Pa
I'm running better than before Carol I cannot even believe how freaken great I feel!!!    my running is just getting better, with longer runs and even tempo and speed work.   it is insane that I spent all those years running in severe pain or not at all!   And I have to be honest, although I was hoping the SET would work, I just never really believed. or at best I'd get just a little relief!   I cannot believe after 2 months I am running pain free!!!!!!   it's nuts and I honestly Cannot Thank You Enough!!!! I really can't. You gave me back something that I Truely love! You have a true talent in fixing people, I hope you know that! take care , Carol & I will try to get in again prob at the end of the month! all the best! bec
massage What a great deep massage you are the best thanks
New Review 2  I was at a point in my life where I could hardly walk with out stopping to sit due to the pain.  Work was a struggle, grocery shopping a grind and Christmas shopping a near impossibility.  I had many days where I would sit in a state of dread wondering how I was going to work for another 12 years like this before retiring to a life sitting in a Hoveround.  I was scared. I have been to several massage theripists with little or no results. Carol is very knowledgeable and result oriented. She actually listened and formulated a plan. I came to her with severe back and neck pain and leg issues which for years caused me difficulty walking.  After sessions with Carol, my leg pain is gone and I no longer have any problems walking.  My back and neck pain has decreased significantly. Not long ago I injured my shoulder and Carol worked diligently to relieve it.

 I would recommend her to anyone with a condition in which they've had trouble getting positive results.  Again, thank you. Your knowledge combined with pleasant conversation and a charming, funny personality makes for an enjoyable hour. Every time I came in you made me feel as though I was your most important and favorite client.  That is a trait not many people possess and you have it in spades. You will always be successful.


New Review  If you want a lovely relaxing massage, Carol can do that.   But what makes her so very special is her knowledge of anatomy and physiology combined with a true devotion to her craft and her clients. She discovered trigger points on my body -- muscles in spasm -- I didn't know I had, and released them. I seriously don't know what I would have done if I hadn't discovered Carol.   At sixty-eight, I was resigned to aches and pains, believed they were now just a part of my life.   I was wrong.   Ask me to give up chocolate and I might do it — but don't ask me to give up Carol!


Brian B
The Best Massage Carol was absolutely fantastic! She completely got rid of the horrible soreness I had been experiencing in my back and neck for months with a therapeutic massage. And her voice was as soothing as her hands. I was educated on how to take better care of my body so the pain doesn't continue to come back. I felt right at home as soon as I walked in the door. Not only is Carol very professional and educated in her trade, she is an absolute sweetheart as well!
New Review 5  Carol has been a huge help in getting me back to walking/sitting/functioning properly and without pain. I have been dealing with intense back/leg pain for the past 2 weeks or so. Stretching and walking (in moderation) have been helping a bit, but it definitely takes a professional to really target the main issue. Carol was able to take one look at me the first time I met with her, and pinpoint my problem spots. I am very confident that with some time and care, I will be back to normal soon. This lady knows her stuff!
New Review 6  Carol was able to fix my herniated disc when a chiropractor, pain pills, and a doctor all failed. She got me back on my feet and prevented surgery. She is fantastic!
Carol Jenkin is without a doubt the best and most knowledegeable massage therapist I have ever met. On the recommendation of my Dr.I was looking for a neuro muscular therapist . .I've had my 5th SET treatment and I have not felt this good in a long time. I highly recommend her and am looking forward to the rest of 
SET treatments and hope to become as pain free as you can get at the age of 76.
New Review 4  Carol is without a doubt the best massage therapist I have had the pleasure of experiencing. She seems to know what I need and I always leave refreshed and relaxed. Her pleasant personality, love of her work and attention to detail keep me coming back! Keith