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Medical Massage/Structural Bodywork-SET/FIT

The difference between basic massage therapy and structural bodywork (SBW), is that with Structural bodywork/Medical Massage we are using tools like postural analysis, functional movement assessments, cranial work, joint capsule work, functional integrated therapy, structural energetic therapy and advance deep tissue massage  protocols. All of which will remove the straining muscle patterns, scar tissue, and adhesion, which we have acquired overtime, through injury, daily living, repetitive motions and compensation patterns, all of which will create a structural collapse (shortening muscles while causing the opposite muscle to be painfully long. Once the imbalances are removed, proper posture is put back in place, and muscles are working at their correct length. Leaving you less prone to injury and freedom from pain long term. SBW will give you long lasting results, as apposed to basic massage where short term relief is typically the goal.

Combining advanced Structural Therapies 
Structural Energetic Therapy (SET) - This specialized medical treatment consists of - a postural analysis, the cranial core distortion release (starts the fascia unwinding, releases trapped energy in the body, encouraging the body to move to areas of ease), acupressure, therapeutic deep tissue massage (removes the straining, imbalances in the soft tissue, that are causing pain). Giving you long lasting relief.

Functional Integrated Therapy (FIT) - addresses the central nervous system, with applied muscle testing, Joint capsule release, Orthopedic assessment that identifies and removes compensation patterns which we create overtime, reprogramming muscle firing patterns, myofascial release, deep tissue massage & neuromuscular therapy , active isolated stretching, and strengthening exercises.

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